What are these Real Estate Investment Seminars about anyways?

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Vinoy Renaissance St. Petersburg Resort & Golf Club
501 5th Avenue NE
St. Petersburg, Florida 33701

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Direct Express Real Estate Investment Seminars

Direct Express - The Edge You Need

Direct Express Realty will guide you step by step from Buying your Investment Property to Proper Management Techniques and show you the secrets to making money in Today's Real Estate Market. Why? Because Direct Express Realty knows that NOW is the time to Invest in Real Estate!

Investing in Real Estate has made more Millionaires that any other investment vehicle out there. In today's Economy Real Estate should be your #1 Investment because simply put Property is SO CHEAP to BUY right now and it won’t be this way forever!!! One of the most basic rules of Investing in Real Estate is BUY LOW and SELL HIGH. The GREAT NEWS is Real Estate Prices are at an All-Time Low… So when Real Estate Prices are LOW you BUY! LOW =’s BUY!!!

Plus, what are your other Choices? Investing in the stock market is scary at best, CD's are a joke with less than a 3% Return-On-Investment, IRA's and 401K have a little larger Returns-On-Investments than CD's. However, NONE of these Investments can compete with Real Estate right NOW!

If you invest in Real Estate using Direct Express Realty you will see how easy it is to Profit a Minimum of 12% with some of our Real Estate Investors experiencing a Maximum Return of 40%. Joe Cavaleri Broker/CEO of Direct Express Realty will Educate you on how to Maximize your Returns Investing in Real Estate, so sign up NOW for the next Direct Express Real Estate Investment Seminar.

Before the Real Estate Boom from 2004-2007, Investing in Real Estate was something only the seasoned professional or highly-astute investor took part in. If this wasn't your livelihood, it was deemed that you had no business doing it. Things have since changed.

You will never find a better Real Estate market than it is today! Expert economists compared our country's current economic state to The Great Depression; even nicknamed it "The Great Recession". So what this means to you is that NOW is the time to take action and Buy Real Estate! I am not going to teach you any "get rich quick schemes", I am going to give you the Tools to generate Long Term cash flow that will grow your family's wealth over time, the right way to Invest in Real Estate. What would an extra $500, $1,000 or $2,000 a month do to your personal economic status? Direct Express Real Estate Investment Seminars will give you the edge you need to generate income and grow wealth.

Direct Express Realty's Real Estate Investment Seminars teach you how to properly Invest in Real Estate by Buying Right, "Rehabbing for Lower Costs", and Selling your house or apartment building. You will learn how to purchase homes or apartments at low prices, rehab, and selling those properties for a profit or turn the properties into long term Real Estate Investments with CASH FLOW. Our Real Estate Investment Seminars teach you to:

  • Identify Potential Value in a Home
  • How to Purchase REOs & Foreclosures
  • Acquire Investment Property at a Low Price
  • Identify Necessary Home Upgrades
  • Properly Update your House to Sell Quickly
  • Work with Contractors
  • Determining a Listing Price for Selling
  • Marketing / Showing Your Home
  • Completing the Disposition Process
  • Learn how to earn a 12% Return by Investing in Real Estate

With Over 10 years of Real Estate, Mortgage, Property Management, and Construction Management Experience, Direct Express Realty has Acquired, Remodeled, and Sold Real Estate Investment Properties across the country. Whether you're an Experienced Real Estate Investor or a First-Time Real Estate Investor, our proven system shows you how you can make a minimum 12% returns by Investing in Real Estate. Contact Us today at 727-827-2884 to learn how to turn Real Estate into a Profitable, Successful INCOME generators for you!

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For more information on how you can Buy, Sell and Invest in Real Estate with Direct Express call: 727-827-2884

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